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FPL points tracking hack

Nowadays there are many apps available for you to monitor your FPL points in real-time. But if you want something that is free and easy to use then be sure to download the FotMob app. It has a number of useful features for fantasy football managers such as the ability to see points side-by-side for each player during each game, as shown here.

I've personally been using the app for over 2 years and apart from this FPL points feature, I also use it for the mini-player analysis, match stats as well as goal alerts. I also like the fact that apart from the Premier League I can see match scores from countless leagues all around the world, which I've found useful for the predictor games that I play. More recently, I've found FotMob's use of xG stats an added welcome which gives a new dimension to their insights. Before Gamweek 1 kicks off, do install it and give it a go.



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