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In 2011, FPLHINTS started off as a simple idea. The initial purpose was to blog about fantasy football on a weekly basis with my own team reveals and player recommendations. It was essentially about my hints (hence the name) and personal fantasy football adventure.  Not long after that, I became active on Twitter as a small cog in what became the nascent FPL Twitter community. Unbeknown to me there seemed to be a lot of enthusiastic FPL managers out there and the numbers kept going up every season.

Overtime, my own social media following unexpectedly grew into the tens of thousands and I developed a rapport with like-minded FPL managers from around the world. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to write for countless fantasy football websites, meet fellow addicts in person, be nominated for awards and even contribute as a designated panellist for the FPL game.


To mark the 10th anniversary of FPLHINTS, I embarked on a new project by launching a free fantasy football magazine that is written by fans – for fans. Be it on our website or on social media, keep up to date with fantasy football matters and be sure to get involved and join the conversation.


And remember, form is key, class doesn't matter!

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