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Expected Stats and Predicted FPL Points (xFPL)

For the first time in the game's history, the FPL website and app began showing expected stats data from the second half of last season. This was a significant milestone as it recognised the increased engagement of fantasy football managers, many of whom had been using expected data for a number of years.

But there's much more that's now available on the expected stats front which isn't shown within the game. There are now tools and websites that allow you to see expected FPL points (xFPL). One of the platforms that allows you to see 'xFPL' is Draftound. Their predicted FPL points are influenced by a number of different factors and I even used it to review all of my pre-season drafts, as shown here.

One of my lessons learned from last season was to not solely rely on gut instinct when it comes to 50:50 decisions. Therefore, I intend on using expected stats, in particular expected FPL points more so than ever before. Feel free to check it out for yourself and see what projections are shown for your own fantasy football team!


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