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Make life easier with this

Just like me, I'm sure you have those days during the season when you're on the go and too busy to keep track of all the football scores. Waiting until the end of the day isn't enough! Thankfully the FotMob app is at hand to make things simple and keep you at ease. You can enable real time goal alerts so that you're kept up to date with all matches that are of interest to you. FotMob is free to use and also has FPL features such as showing actual fantasy points per match on one screen. I've used the app for a number of years now and it has streamlined a lot of things for me. On top of the FPL features you also get a plethora of stats and much more for each live game. If you're curious, be sure to give it a go and no doubt you'll benefit as much as I have from it.



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